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October 17, 2012 | 12-1pm Eastern



Electricity demand fluctuates depending on the time of day, the day of the week, and the season of the year. Current power systems have been designed to handle these variations, but it is becoming increasingly complex to match power generation with the ever growing demand.
Wind and solar power are by nature intermittent. As conditions change, the output of wind or solar power varies accordingly. This has to be balanced by other power plants or resources.
There are many ways to improve power system balancing capabilities. Reservoir hydropower can be used where available. Similarly, smart grids with demand response offer a means of shifting some of the load, and the existing power system can also assist by regulating its output. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases these offer just a partial solution. By complementing the power system with Smart Power Generation, a fast, flexible and efficient power generation solution, all system balancing challenges can be solved, even with very high levels of intermittent renewables.

Smart Power Generation
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This webinar offers study results and analytics of power system optimization from US and international markets as well as information on the transition to a more sustainable and modern energy infrastructure in a world where energy industry fundamentals are undergoing rapid change.

Meet the Panel:    

Mikael Backman

Market Development Director, Americas
Wärtsilä North America, Inc.

Mikael Backman has two decades of experience from the energy industry, specializing in the field of power generation and electricity market development. Mikael has been involved in the development, design, delivery and sale of power generation assets throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Currently, Mikael is Director of Market Development for Wärtsilä’s Power Plants division and is responsible for power market analysis and development, strategic positioning and government and industry relations. Wärtsilä is a global supplier of power plants in addition to marine propulsion systems and services. Mikael holds a B.Sc. (Eng.) degree in Energy Technology and an MBA in finance.

Alan Roark

Manager of Risk Assessments

DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability

Al Roark, Manager of Risk Assessments, has 22 years of advising wholesale market impacts on clients, electricity modeling and helping new technologies develop business cases. Mr. Roark has specific experience in identifying, measuring and managing wholesale energy portfolios and in forecasting wholesale energy market prices and impacts. In addition to designing and approving models and developing software solutions to measure unbundled energy, ancillary services and congestion portfolios across five RTOs, Mr. Roark has designed and implemented risk management programs for over 30 power, gas and oil clients, reporting on portfolio management and capital approvals to senior management. While working at Exelon, Avista and Destec, Mr. Roark was responsible for setting up and approving Board Level Generation Projects, portfolio measurements and compliance associated with wholesale operations and capital approvals.
In addition to writing and approving financial report sections on market risk, Mr. Roark certified reports to credit agencies and third parties. Mr. Roark has worked as a senior economist with WEFA, providing forecasting and energy consulting for various international clients. Mr. Roark developed and maintained various energy models measuring the impact of energy policies. Mr. Roark is a former Commodity Trading Advisor and held System Operator Certification at NERC. Mr. Roark has a BS in Economics (Accounting) from Virginia Tech, an MS in Economics and Statistics from Texas A&M and has completed Ph.D coursework (ABD) in Mineral Economics at the University of Arizona in the College of Engineering and Mines.

Joseph Ferrari

Market Development Analyst
Wärtsilä North America, Inc.

Joseph Ferrari is an engineer and scientist with masters degrees in aerospace engineering and natural resource science. He has authored numerous articles on topics ranging from diesel combined cycles, state of the art emission control systems, dynamic network model development and implementation and most recently, the impact of coal retirement on the US power system. He worked for 5 years at Wärtsilä North America, Inc. in a sales support role and, after an “external rotation” at the University of Maryland, is now back at Wärtsilä working as a Market Development Analyst.

Smart Power Generation
Free on-demand webcast | Click here to view now.

About your host:
Wärtsilä Power Plants is a major supplier of flexible base load power plants operating on various liquid and gaseous fuels. We also provide unique, dynamic solutions for grid stability, reserve, peaking, load following and intermittent power generation.
In 2011, Wärtsilä’s net sales totaled EUR 4.2 billion with approximately 18,000 employees. The company has operations in nearly 170 locations in 70 countries around the world.

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Oct 17, 2012