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Bill Opalka
Bill Opalka is the Editor-in-Chief of the RenewablesBiz Daily. While at Energy Central, he was Editor-in-Chief of the topic Center newsletters and a contributing writer to EnergyBiz and the Intelligent Utility magazines. Before joining the company, he was the founding editor of a leading wind energy trade publication. He has an extensive career in trade publications and newspapers, mostly focused on the utility sector, covering such issues as restructuring, renewable energy and consumer affairs.
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Renewable EnergyBiz Daily is an online community where we can engage in lively discussions about issues important to renewable energy businesses, including those involved in wind, solar, biomass,geothermal and other technologies. My hope is to advance an understanding of these subjects by prompting you – the readers – to consider the practical applications and real-world effects the technologies, policies and processes described here will have on the utility business, particularly, and the world at-large.
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