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Energy Central, headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, and established in 1996, is the leading resource connecting professionals in the global power industry to news, events, databases, insight and analysis. Using websites, research and analysis services e-newsletters, direct marketing channels, live events, print publications and employment services, the company delivers critical business information to top executives, managers, leaders and industry influencers. Energy Central consists of: 

EnergyBiz® Leadership Forum: This is the industry’s only event that brings together all the major influences on energy. The best and brightest leaders representing power industry executives, policy makers, regulators, consumers, and members of the financial and legal communities, along with thought leaders from outside the industry, tackle the formative issues impacting energy, from its generation through its consumption.

EnergyBiz magazine: An Eddie Award-winning, bimonthly publication for C-level executives and their direct reports, EnergyBiz examines the formative trends and strategies of the energy industry. Get your FREE Subscription.

EnergyCentral.com: The Internet hub for electric power professionals, providing news, analysis, information and job opportunities related to the energy industry. Get your FREE membership to the industry’s largest online community.

EnergyCentralJobs.com: The nation’s leading job board and employment resource for energy professionals as well as the go-to hiring partner for power companies.

IntelligentUtility.com: A companion for Intelligent Utility magazine, this website provides a deep look at the smart grid and the systems, process and people necessary to delivering information-enabled energy.


Intelligent Utility® magazine: This bimonthly magazine explores the strategies and realities of delivering information-enabled energy and building a smart grid, focusing on people, process and technology, economic models, finance, and public policy. The magazine is a companion piece to the Intelligent Utility website and daily e-newsletter. Get your FREE subscription.

Knowledge Utility CIO Summit:  The annual event brings together the largest collection of utility chief information officers (CIOs) in North America.  In a relaxed environment, CIOs can network with their colleagues, learn of new solutions from their peers, both inside and outside of the utility industry, and walk away with high-impact knowledge take-aways.

RenewablesBiz.com: The leading online source of news, insights, analysis, community and employment related to the business of renewable energy. Topics covered include solar, wind, marine, geothermal, distributed generation and energy storage.

Sierra Energy Group, a Division of Energy Central: Sierra provides information technology (IT) and smart grid research, analysis and consulting services to leading electric and natural gas utilities and vendors to the industry.


For more information on how we can solve your marketing and talent sourcing and acquisition challenges, please call 1-800-459-2233. Or send an e-mail to sales@energycentral.com.

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Energy Central staff contributors include:

Carly Stonehouse Assistant Editor cstonehouse@energycentral.com
Mark Johnson VP/Content mjohnson@energycentral.com
Dan Wilson Technology Director dwilson@energycentral.com

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